Inner City Wrestling Syndicate

Show up or get shown up!

The Inner City Wrestling Syndicate (ICWS) was a backyard wrestling federation based in Perth, Western Australia and was active from 2007 to 2017. It is recognised as one of the most influential yarding promotions in Australia.

Originally founded as the Ultimate Wrestling Federation (UWF) in 2007, the promotion re-branded as the ICWS in 2009 and never looked back. The ICWS was known for its high production values and mix of different styles of wrestling, from technical skill to hardcore deathmatches to old school rock 'n' roll wrestling. Many of the most well known yarders in Perth and indeed Australia were involved in the ICWS, some of whom did or have since made their reputations in other Perth promotions such as xCw, SPWS and WZWA.

The ICWS came to prominence at a time when many of the best known yarding promotions in Australia were winding down and closing their doors. The ICWS flew the flag for Australian yarding for some years; in 2010 it was recognised as the Australian representative in the Global Backyard Wrestling Network (GBYWN) and was given custodianship of the prestigious GBYWN Australian Heavyweight Championship.

On 18 March 2017, exactly ten years to the day from the very first event, the ICWS hosted its final event, Twisted Metal 8. The ICWS may have come to an end, but it has a special place in the history of Perth and Australian yarding.